About this guide This is a quick guide to Leslie speaker models suited for Hammond organs. This document is meant as a reference for when you are browsing the classifieds or eBay and is not meant to list every little detail about the speakers. Some models are covered elsewhere on this website, often in detail and with pictures. About the background The background is Leslie finish ‘Oak No 20’. About the roto-sonics Since most players and technicians, including myself, find the roto-sonic Leslie models less valuable, these are listed in a separate section. Some of these speaker models may be used as is, or they can be converted into more Hammond friendly models or simply serve as parts donors for other more valuable Leslie models. Electro Music tended to use the same parts in as many applications as possible, so a good many parts from, say, a model may be used to restore a model If you happen to prefer the more theatre organ-like sound of the roto-sonic Leslie speaker, by all means – you are just lucky to like the more inexpensive alternative. They are updated in the technical design, but the basic functionality is the same as the vintage speakers. For a while model and were being produced as A and A.


There are four basic model updates in the evolution of the Large Advent speaker: Original Large Advent LA – designed and introduced in , and was simply named “The Advent Loudspeaker” when it was their only model. Note that the is a real wood version of the The original Large Advent is most easily recognized by the Masonite wood ring adapting the 10″ woofer cone to the 12″ frame and an inward facing foam roll edge.

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Trem is best I’ve ever heard. Sweetest low volume clean sounds with p s volume control set higher to “m” on volume control gives perfect small stage volume, with a fulldrive 2 or other 2 channel pedal it’s all the rig an experienced player needs. Jazz tones thru classic or modern rock. Possibly one of the best kept secrets. Don’t agree with the princeton comparisons, and circut is better imho than delux. A perfect 10, if you have been around and know what good tone is.

Fred Duffer At 14 to 18 watts it is not really very loud but what a tone. Like the Fender tweeds it is easiest to use the guitar volume to to control the degree of overdrive. It does not matter if you are using humbuckers or single coils it is a great sound. Classic tube driven overdrive with just the right degree of valve driven compression. Give it some reverb and hold on, because the tone and sustain will blow you away. In my opinion it is better than the Fender tweeds.

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DeArmond catalog extracts are shown with each individual amp description. The following is a single page extract from a CF Martin Tube amp catalog: Every DeArmond and CF Martin amp with a tremolo circuit , identified with suffix T in its title, was supplied with a foot switch, Model TFS-1, either hardwired or removable, by means of a jack socket on the underside of the amp chassis.

Your Fender “59 Bassman Vintage Reissue” (NO. ) with inch 8 ohm Jensen P10R speakers, 2 12AX7 and 2 6L6 tubes is valued at $ to $ USD in excellent condition. The date code from the QA sticker indicates it was made in July of

More Gentle than the Human Hand – true: You will break more records on your Victrola, than the Capehart ever will none on my two machines so far. Do you realize that during the whole change cycle the records are only handled on the edges, and record-to-record rubbing kept in a vertical stack is absolutely minimal? But be extremely weary: Also, misloading will result in instant retribution. If you make all the proper procedures, the Capehart will play reliably and indefatigably records without skip, error or damage right now the whole Potted Walkuere is delighting me as I write.

Also – it is not true that there has to be a compromise between a great changer and a great turntable: The postwar changer can be made to track at 4 grams with a modern Pickering stereo cartridge, which is great for mono LPs and still ok for stereos. Since the changer is completely separate from the turntable, it would be not much effort to change the turntable in a postwar changer to a modern truly hifi turntable, a modification to a touch less trip would allow tracking at 2 grams or less, and some slight modifications would allow you to play 16 LPs at a time reliably one at a time, and without the least damage to the records.

That must be left to the restorer. Even if the machine is playing, some old capacitors are already getting hot and melting. A flash-through with a ruined power transformer is waiting to happen. On these old sets, the capacitors must be tested and replaced.

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Jensen Speaker Date Codes. There is an easy way to determine the date of your vintage Jensen speaker. On the edge of the speaker where the mounting holes are there will be a six digit number. The first three numbers will be which denotes the manufacturer as Jensen. The next number is the year of manufacture and the last two numbers will be.

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Jul 24,  · The problem with some of the Hammond speakers is that the paper cone on some are just too thin for guitar use. The VERY thin paper cone speakers are used in the reverb amplifier and don’t really hold up when hit with a guitar signal.

June 25, Details about identification and dating can be found in our book, Sasha Dolls: Information and ordering is at this website on the Sales page. Early Festival T-shirts, – The earliest festivals did not have formal souvenir outfits like we have today. But there was always someone at the festival, probably the host, who had little T-shirts made up that attendees could purchase in the sales room as a souvenir of the good time at the festival. There are nine altogether, one each year, the six in my collection are pictured here, left to right: Two festivals, and , did not have outfits as souvenirs, instead, they are handcrafted toys.

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multi-speaker amps up to watts since multiple speakers divide the amp’s total output power between them. For this reason, the P10Q is the speaker to have in the 5F6-A Bassman. Note that it does not appear that Fender used the “P” rated speakers very often. The N and LL suffixes denote a high power rating, with “high power” being a relative term.

Nahuan languages Tree diagram of the relation between the Nahuan languages and the rest of the Uto-Aztecan language family, based on the internal classification of Nahuan given by Terrence Kaufman As a language label, the term “Nahuatl” encompasses a group of closely related languages or divergent dialects within the Nahuan branch of the Uto-Aztecan language family. The Ethnologue recognizes 28 varieties with separate ISO codes.

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There is no reliable way to date amps other than to ask Fender customer support to look up the date from the serial number, although you may find a date code on the speaker. Early Tweeds The early green board tweed-covered amps were not lacquered. Once again, only the speaker is different. It is not old stock. It has the same cream board inside with the same components as every other current-production Blues Junior.

Other Variants The Blues Junior chassis has also been used in the Two-Tone, a large amp with a inch and a inch speaker.

Jan 13,  · Dating early Jensen C12N speakers So what is the difference between a , , model C12N and all later models including , and , (last year of production for the C12N)? Jensen was the first speaker company to make ceramic magnet speakers in the last month of , these models are excessively rare.

These amps are all hand wired and used high quality components like the RCA sourced 6L6 power tubes and Jensen brand speakers. Sears contracted with Danelectro of to bring the series of amplifiers to the public through their catalog. The was initially introduced as a bass amplifier so they made a lot fewer of them than the rest of the series.

The differs from the more common Twin Twelve in more ways than just the speaker configuration. It features a tube rectified circuit Silvertone branded RCA 5Y3 rectifier like a Fender which has that natural tube sag ands softer attack. These amps are known for their great tube drive all the way to higher gain crunch and for helping to shape the sound of the s. All five tubes are the original Silvertone branded tubes that came in the amp.

The piggy back style Silvertone amps were designed to be able to nest the head safely in the back of the cabinet for safety during transportation. They also came with the head and cabinet hardwired together and this one is still in that configuration.

1966 Silvertone 1483

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Dec 07,  · The jensen mods have better high end response but lower power handling. The combination kept the low end response of the original speakers but added the upper-mid/top end of the jensens which apparently when taken together gave the cab a pretty decent tone.

Both woofers were sourced to be the correct AlNiCo magnet versions, with the ‘damping ring’ as the original pair had too many issues we repeatedly found with our AF Gen Sweep processes. The original surrounds on AR-3a woofers were typically ‘distorted’, so we sent these to our local, ‘been in business 40 years’ speaker shop for fresh surrounds.

The ‘spiders’ were also slightly ‘deformed’ we didn’t notice this as it is a rare condition on most speakers, was hard to see, but would show up at 3 different frequencies on an AF generator sweep, but most noticeable centered at 80Hz , so he ‘painstakingly’ replaced them, while retaining the original VC’s and Cones retaining the original Voice Coils and Cones made the process logarithmically more difficult. We have completely tested all drivers.

All drivers were removed and tested individually. Attenuators removed and ‘burnished’ for ‘intermittent-free’ performance. Felt feet were installed to the bottom plates. Cosmetically, the grills were cleaned, and the original ‘hot glue attachment’ replaced with Velcro. We also added a ‘pull tab’ to facilitate removal. Grill frames intact with NO cracks or breaks. Our tech was able to make the ‘real wood’ Walnut veneer cabinets ‘presentable’ and they just had a fresh coat of ‘Restore-a-Finish’, then ‘Feed-n-Wax’, then buffed.

Altec 344a & jensen RP302 Speakers

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