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Edit After the era of IMC -funded expeditions and colonization into space ended, public interest waned and IMC support for Frontier development went into decline. Soon afterwards, a number of major conflicts in the Core Systems became a top priority for the IMC, and the corporation effectively abandoned all investments in the Frontier. For several generations, life on the Frontier continued undisturbed. When the IMC returned to the Frontier, the colonists had flourished and had access to plentiful resources. Struggling to meet consumer demands in the Core Systems, the IMC declared their ownership of the resources in the Frontier and reestablished their political, economic, and military presence, citing their investments dating back to the colonization era. After years of failed diplomacy, the colonists banded together and formed the Frontier Militia to challenge the IMC and defend their ownership of the Frontier.

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The video-sharing platform published 15 short films even before their screenings at the annual festival. Ranging in genre from drama and comedy to documentary and animation, the films are competing for this year’s YouTube Audience Award. Watching 15 films might seem like a time-consuming endeavor, but all of them are relatively brief: Some are one minute, while others are as long as 19 minutes.

Fulham starlet Ryan Sessegnon has become the first player outside of the top flight to be nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year award, since its inception in

Jim Duggan was trained to wrestle at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Jim Duggan defeated Mike Sharpe to win the Louisiana Heavyweight title, which was eventually abandoned. Olympia to capture the Mid-South Tag Team titles. Jim Duggan signed with the World Wrestling Federation. March 21, — Superstars: April 4, — Superstars: April 18, — Superstars: Jim Duggan defeated Tiger Chung Lee.

April 19, — Wrestling Challenge: Jim Duggan defeated Terry Gibbs. May 16, — Superstars:

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X-Rays The first human x-ray: The photographs of the interior of the human body caused a worldwide sensation that year. It also stirred Antoine Henri Becquerel to action. Phosphorescence First, let us illuminate the subject of phosphorescence, which was mysterious and a hot topic of research in the late s.

34 Ending or Cancelled TV Shows for the Season; American Beauty Star: Season Two; Lifetime Beauty Competition Series Returns in January The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo: 80s TV Series to.

Audiences are good at figuring out which elements of a work are on which side of the Fourth Wall. No explanation is necessary for why our hero can hear a ringing telephone but not the movie’s soundtrack, or why the space ship is menaced by the Negative Space Wedgie , but not by the opening credits drifting by outside the ship: It’s also a wonderful thing to play with, and that is what Medium Awareness does; the characters acknowledge and interact with elements and conventions of the medium that shouldn’t technically “exist” in-universe.

Suddenly the characters can hear the ominous background music or the disembodied narration, they can read the subtitles at the bottom of your screen, and they can tell when it’s almost time for a commercial break. Generally, this awareness is brief; it’s used for a joke or two and then never mentioned again. Used this way, it’s Lampshade Hanging as applied to Paratext.

Criminal Intent on the USA Network featured the lead detectives puzzling over the network logo they just now noticed in the corner of the screen.

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Paige, that movie is rated “R” for a reason! It’s violent and bloody and full of sadistic cruelty I don’t want you seeing at your age! Not a chance, young lady! It boggles my mind how expensive wine is.

December 15, , was the birthday of French physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel, who discovered a completely unknown property of matter in March Some might say Becquerel’s discovery of “radioactivity” was a lucky accident—but as the Roman philosopher Seneca wrote in the 1st century.

Katheryn Krotzer Laborde has worked as a writer in one form or another for more years than she cares to admit. A writer of prose, she is a past recipient of the Louisiana Division of the Arts Artist Fellowship in Literature and received a Louisiana Cultural Economy Grant for her writings on Katrina evacuation and recovery. One of the country’s top comedians, Cathy has not only appeared on The Tonight Show nine times, but was also the only female comic to appear on the last two Johnny Carson Tonight Show Anniversary shows.

Cathy’s writing career includes developing original television treatments, episodic scripts, and feature-length screenplays. She recently wrote on the pilot episode of Bravo’s, Situation: In addition to stand-up, TV, and film, Cathy has been doing more live theatre. Beth is best known for creating and hosting LA’s Un-Cabaret which has run continuously for ten years, and has morphed into a Comedy Central special, two CD’s, and a radio show.

Currently it’s up at the gangster-luxe M bar.

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The Castle Bravo nuclear explosion of The Adelaide, Australia earthquake. Posted on by Bobby1 In the early morning of March 1, , residents of Adelaide, Australia were awakened to a violent shaking in their beds. When they went outside, they saw a brilliant glow in the east.

Love Connection (Fox) Host Andy Cohen returns for another season to, as the press release promises, bring “his personal brand of audacious fun” to this dating game show.

Orange County District Attorney’s Office Authorities worry that there could be more victims than just the two women they are charged with assaulting after authorities allegedly found recordings of the couple engaged in sex acts with unconscious and semi-conscious women. The Orange County D. Tony Rackauckas announced the arrests of Robicheaux, 38, and Riley in a press conference on Tuesday.

The reality is that rapists come in all socioeconomic groups, of any background. In one incident, the couple allegedly met a year-old woman at a restaurant in Newport Beach and invite her to a boat party on April 10, in that same area. After the party they brought her back to Robicheaux’s apartment while she was heavily intoxicated with substances they gave her. They then allegedly raped her; she was unable to resist due to the drugs in her system, according to authorities.

The woman filed a police report the next day and tested positive for “multiple controlled substances. Prosecutors say the couple recorded the sex acts and that there may be more women who were targeted by them. In fact, prosecutors believe that based on the videos and pictures found on the pair’s phones, there may be upwards of 1, other victims, ABC 13 reports. After searching the surgeon’s home earlier this year in January, police found “large quantities of illegal drugs, two illegal, unregistered assault rifles, four other firearms, and several large capacity magazines.

Riley was also charged with the same felony counts with an exception of possession of an assault weapon.

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Grant Robicheaux was charged last month with attacking two women in and, on Wednesday, was charged with assaulting five additional women, PEOPLE confirms. His girlfriend, Cerissa Laura Riley, also faces more charges and has been accused of assaulting three additional women, according to a release from the Orange County District Attorney. Both defendants face additional charges of kidnapping to commit rape, the release says. Besieged by a swarm of reporters and photographers, the couple held hands as they headed into court to enter their pleas, KNTV and City News Service report.

On Wednesday, they also learned that prosecutors were charging them with additional counts. Click here to get breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases in the True Crime Newsletter.

December 15, , was the birthday of French physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel, who discovered a completely unknown property of matter in March Some might say Becquerel’s discovery of “radioactivity” was a lucky accident—but as the Roman philosopher Seneca wrote in the 1st century.

Created and written by Michael D. Marshall-Green, however, delivers a superb performance as the emotionally and mentally wounded Mac; he is matched scene for smoldering scene by Jodi Balfour, who plays his wife, Joni. It was about a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher in Albuquerque who started cooking meth to make money. More deeply, Fleabag is still grieving the death of her best friend and business partner, Boo Jenny Rainsford , with whom she owned a small cafe that is about to go under.

Her best friend, Molly Yvonne Orji , is a successful law-firm associate trying too hard to nab the qualified, eligible man that suits her notion of success. While Molly hunts, Issa is bored by her long-term boyfriend, Lawrence Jay Ellis , and begins a flirtatious relationship with an old flame.

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And with those high-profile credentials Kathryn should fit right in with the various personalities during the sixth season of Bravo’s popular reality show. Scroll down for video New: Kathryn Edwards – ex-wife to NFL legend Marcus Allen and currently wed to former pro-football player Donnie Edwards pictured with her in , is said to be joining Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Kathryn, whose maiden name is Eickstaedt, is a former model from Wisconsin who appeared in a season two episode of Married She married Marcus – a Heismann trophy winner – in

The oldest Duggar was accused of molesting five girls (four of which his own sisters) when he was a teen. Josh also admitted to cheating on his wife weeks after news of his molestation scandal.

Just as predictable are the narratives invoked to contextualise the findings. A recent article by Aisha Dow is a case in point: They offer journalists the same explanations they themselves have read in the newspapers — contributing to an unchecked epidemic of bullshit. Effective HIV treatments were introduced twenty-two years ago. Tinder was launched in September , while OkCupid has been around since Getting smashed and hooking up with a nearby stranger, however, dates back to the Neolithic at least — 12, years, give or take.

However, these condensed narratives constitute the popular folklore of sexual health — the cultural framework through which we understand the pathogenic sequelae of getting it on. Overwhelmingly, these explanations focus on individual behaviour and technology-mediated social change. I asked an infectious diseases specialist if McKay was correct.

In this coverage, messages on sexual health almost invariably focus on sex rather than health. Increases in diagnoses are explained as driven by changes in sexual behaviour, and calls are made for individuals to make better choices around sex. However, the second round of ASHR — a major population study of sexual health — found only 13 per cent of heterosexual men and 17 per cent of women reported having a sexual health check in the last twelve months.

From this great confessional piece by Simon White , which is illustrated with a picture of a muscular black man, because racism. This is where the wheels begin to fall off the individualising explanations.

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Random Article Blend In one of the more disturbing news stories that has come to light recentl, an orthopedic surgeon that was featured on the Bravo reality series Online Dating Rituals of the American Male has been, along with his girlfriend, charged with rape and additional felonies. What’s more, now-defendants Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley reportedly possessed evidence that may prove they were responsible for sexually assaulting over 1, other people. The year-old Grant Robicheaux appeared on Bravo’s dating series Online Dating Rituals of the American Male back in , in what was the fifth of six episodes in the dating series’ short run.

It was two years later, in , when the incident in question happened, and Robicheaux and Riley were arrested in Newport Beach and charged on Wednesday for drugging and sexually assaulting at least two women met in local bars at the time.

Us Weekly – Emily Marcus. Bravo Cancels ‘Dirty John’ Red Carpet Ahead Of World Premiere Screening Due To Fires. Deadline – Patrick Hipes. Chrissy Metz Is Dating Composer Hal Rosenfeld. Shawn Booth Finally Breaks His Silence on “Painful” Split from Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Marcus, a 36 year-old divorcee turns to online dating to find a new wife and possibly to mend his broken heart. I don’t want to know what’s required for dinner and a movie. But he didn’t have to accept her kiss in the car after the date! The dating world, from what I can tell, is insane. And then to top everything off, his credit card doesn’t work, because his ex-girlfriend still has one from the same account and apparently still uses it.

They even decide on a second date. It was the best of times, it was the twerk of times. Oh, and he complains about how she drives. Davey Wavey, a gay YouTube personality with over 4, messages in his dating inbox, has been on hundreds of online dates. With all the options online, he wonders if there is a better, less “dramatic” fit for him. It’s also no wonder that things didn’t work out.

And that’s why he’s dating online.

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